17 Years without a sinus infection!

For many years every fall and spring I would get a sinus infection, get laryngitis and go to the doctor to get a prescription. Fall allergies, spring allergies over and over. I felt like there was a sign over one of the doors in the doctors office that said, “Dave’s room”.  But then something changed. Actually I changed. I did several things to eliminate the problem.

The last time I went to the doctor to for a sinus infection was…..wait for it……November 2001. Yes, you read that correctly, November 2001. As of this writing 17 years! Now, I still have times when my sinuses bother me, but, it lasts 2-3 days and I never have to go see a doctor for a prescription.

What did I do?

Several things. I will list them in order of the most important.

1. I started taking a probiotic called “Optiflora”. This product (Optiflora capsules) delivers 500 million beneficial bacteria to the intestines. They dramatically helped my immune system. For less than .76 cents a day no more sinus infections! Now to be fair I was taking a lot of other nutritional supplements, but this one product was the missing link for me.

2. I was taking a number of other supplements at the time (and still do). The present day equivalent product is Shaklee Vitalizer. It contains the Optiflora, multivitamin, Omega 3, Vitamin c, B complex and more in one convenient blister strip. Another choice (what I now take) is the Shaklee Life Strip.

3. I also began taking something called “Nutriferon”, a natural product that helps normalize the immune system.

4. I do something called nasal irrigation several times per week. I won’t go into detail here but to say I wash out my sinuses with salt water (nasal saline from the drug store).

5. Plus other things like exercise, good nutrition, gratitude, prayer, meditation and handling stress better.

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(The photo is my front yard in spring.)

Health, Hope, Fitness, Freedom.
David Jones

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